Review diving in Ecuador

by spotmydive

Marine life

Reef Shark
Manta ray
White shark
Hammerhead shark
Moray eel
Spiny Lobster
Humpback whale

Ecuador is a small country located between Colombia and Peru. You can discover a a great range landscapes and various culture wether on the cost or on archipelagos. There are 3 regions : cost, the Andes Mountains and Amazonia. Climate is different depends on the altitude/heigh and regions. This is the perfect destination for a first travel in South America : diversified fauna, warming welcoming, not full of tourists.

Best place to go?

Ecuador is known for the Galapagos Archipelagos located at 1 000km away from the cost. There also others island like Isla de la plata which is very beautiful spot. You can also dive on the cost at Puerto Lopez, Salango and Ayampe.

When to go?

There are two seasons : a rainy season from january to april and a dry one from may to December on the cost. You should go starting from april. That way you will enjoy good weather and warm water. Concerning the Galapagos, you should go from January to june.

Scuba diving conditions

Visibility is very good. Ecuador’s waters are very clear so expect at leat 30 meters of visibility!

The current depends on the place. We advice you to ask the diving center.

Diver level: Thanks to the various spot, even if you are a beginners you can dive in Ecuador.

The water temperature in Ecuador is on average 23C° but it can goes to 26C° in dry season.

What to see while diving?

Ecuador offer a big concentration of shark: Blacktip reef shark, hammerhead shark, white shark; Silvertip shark. It’s the dream of every divers. Depending on the seasons, the fauna can be different. For instance, starting from february, you can see sea iguana. From june to septembre, hundreds of humpback whale migrate from Antarctica to Puerto Lopez. In Ecuador you could see various pelagic species which is the dream of every diver !