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The Republic of Djibouti is a country that bears the same name as its capital and largest city. This country of almost 25 000km² located in Africa on the west coast of the Red Sea is characterized by a tropical climate arid with double characteristics: a hot and humid season from May to September, and another season that is cooler from October to April.
It is a developing country that enjoys great growth thanks to its economic activities, its recent investments such as the creation of a new port and its strategic geographical position between Europe and Asia, which places it in heart of a major maritime trading area.
It is although little known in the world of diving but Djibouti remains an interesting destination to discover for a diving trip that offers the best of the Red Sea in terms of underwater fauna and flora. You will find for example the largest concentration of whale sharks in the region and many endemic species. Specialists even consider some Djiboutian coastal sites to be ’ some of the most beautiful diving sites in the world . This is particularly the case of the Gulf of Tadjourah and the site of the Seven Brothers.

Where to dive in Djibouti? What are the best diving destinations

Seven Brothers Diving

The Seven Brothers, as the name suggests, are seven neighboring diving spots that form an archipelago located north of Djibouti. This site similar to any other can claim its marine flora and fauna diversity where many pelagics abound such as sharks, dolphins, large schools of batfish, snappers, jacks and even manta rays! The flora is mainly composed of beautiful soft and hard corals that offer an astonishing explosion of colors. A wreck dating from the Second World War named White Lady is even in these waters and hides beautiful white sea fans and colorful fish.

Diving in the Gulf of Tadjourah

A dive in the Gulf of Tadjourah offers a unique experience for any diver worthy of the name. Consisting of more than fifteen dive sites, this area, known for its calm and turbid waters, is surrounded by a rich topography and impressive geological formations such as cracks linked to tectonic plates, rocks, canyons and caves. It is the favorite playground for groupers, green turtles, sharks, napoleons and nudibranchs. Whale sharks also come here from October to February.

When should we go to Djibouti?

It is possible to travel to Djibouti all year long for a diving trip whether you are a beginner, experienced or an amateur in macro photography. If you are eager to watch the whale shark breeding, it is advisable to leave between October and February. Djibouti is also particularly attractive at this time of the year for its sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Conversely, the summer months are not recommended because the temperature is extremely high. Between May and October, the heat increases and the winds are strong.

What are the diving conditions?

Visibility varies by season and dive site. Currents and plankton make the waters turbid but attract the famous whale sharks and many pelagics.

Diving sites offer varied depths and ocean currents .

Difficulty and level : Some Djibouti diving sites are reserved for experienced divers, others will be suitable for level 1 divers, i.e. Open Water Diver. Among the most beautiful dive sites in Djibouti, there is an impressive variety of dives on reefs, wrecks, caverns, drifts …

The temperature of the water is ideal and pleasant all year round for divers. It peaks around 27-30 ° C.

What will you observe when diving in Djibouti?

During a diving visit in Djibouti , what will mark you the most, is certainly the magic that lies at the bottom of the waters. You enter another universe made of multicolored shades with the sweet glittering glow of the sun. With about 200 species of coral, the reefs attract a wide variety of marine life to distribute the most beautiful painting of the Red Sea. In addition to the famous whale sharks, you can see several species of sharks, dolphins and rays. The underwater reliefs are also impressive and diverse, allowing for a multitude of diving trips.
In our humble opinion, it is a wonderful destination to discover without losing a minute!