Review diving in Croatia

by spotmydive

Marine life

Homarus Lobster

Located in the southern part of Europe, Croatia is a country whose economy mainly prospers thanks to tourism. Indeed, every year, its landscapes and cultural activities attract numerous people. Geographically, Croatia has almost 700 islands, almost 400 islets and more than 70 reefs that will please divers. Among Croatia’s best dive spots, there is the Bisevo Grotto or Blue Cave on Vis Island.

When to go diving in Croatia?

The coasts of Croatia come out on the Adriatic Sea so the Mediterranean climate essentially prevail in the country. Still, there are two other climates: one is continental and the other is alpine near the summits. Summers are warm and dry whereas winters are cold and rainy. Please note that it is possible to dive all year long in Croatia, however it is advised to make sure you have a good swimsuit while non-summer-like dives. The best period to dive in Croatia is from May to October.

Scuba diving conditions

The visibility of the water in Croatia can reach 164 feet.

Currents have a very weak intensity, and sometimes they are even nonexistent.

The difficulty levelIf some sites are open to beginners, some others are only accessible to experienced divers.

The water temperature in Croatia goes from 51° to 75°F.

Diving Cruise in Croatia

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What to see while diving and snorkeling?

Croatia has a huge number of treasures. The water transparency and weak currents will allow you to fully enjoy wonderful subaquatic landscapes and abundant fauna there. Besides, the black coral will give you the chance to attend to an astonishing show.
Diving in Croatia will allow you to dive with lots of crustaceans: lobsters, shrimps, crabs…
Besides, you will also be able to dive among nudibranchs. These species that are very common in the Mediterranean Sea will please you with a very colorful show.
While diving in Croatia’s waters, you may also find some tunas. This fish from the Scombridae family, only feeding on sardines and little fish is very famous among local fishermen. The best season to meet some is in autumn.
Small octopuses are also present in these waters, but you should remain careful since it does not hesitate to project ink it if feels threatened.
Finally, you will also admire others species, like seahorses, octopuses, congers or even dolphins…!