Review diving in Alor

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Marine life

Reef Shark
Sea Horse
Mola Mola
Humphead wrasse
Eagle ray

The Alor Archipelago is in the extreme south-east of Indonesia about 65 kilometers from Timor and less than 5 kilometers from Pantar. Accessible by plane from the cities of Kupang in Timor, from Denpasar to Bali or from Surabaya on the island of Java, this destination remains, to our delight, still pretty unknown by the mass tourism. An ideal place to escape from the crowd, the Alor archipelago will please every diver thank to its preserved landscapes, its typical villages and, of course, its sandy beaches. Of volcanic origin, the islands of Alor also offer striking underwater scenery including steep drop-offs, impressive pinnacles and healthy coral reefs. The two main islands Alor and Pentar are located at the point of convergence of the sea currents coming from Australia and the sea of Flores. This particular location produces an extraordinary ecosystem of rare biodiversity. The waters, rich in nutrients, have favored the installation of countless submarine species, from the smallest to the largest. This particularly positive environment favored the growing notoriety of Alor among divers. Conscious of the absolute necessity of protecting this exceptional heritage, local communities have opted for responsible fishing practices and they carefully minimize their ecological impact. This archipelago has some of the most beautiful snorkeling and diving sites in Indonesia.

Best time to go diving in Alor?

Even though the tropical climate is hot and humid all year round, the best time to dive in Alor is rather during the dry season, from June to October.

Scuba diving condition

Visibility is very good and usually ranges between 30 to 40 meters.

On the Alor Archipelago, there are strong currents due to the particular geographical location of these islands. Divers will enjoy numerous drift dives.

Level required: Alor is an ideal diving destination for experienced divers and underwater photographers. However, some specific spots are suited for first timers or those who wish to pass their level 1 dive or Open Water Diver.

The water temperature generally ranges between 26 ° and 30 °C . However, on some dive sites located to the south, it can go down to 21 °.

What to see while diving?

Pelagics and marine life

The sea currents brought with them a great wealth. The reefs of the islands have hundreds or even thousands of different species. It is therefore not uncommon to observe large fish such as the majestic Mola Mola, white or black tip sharks, treasure shark, tuna, napoleons, barracudas or trevally, eagle rays, sea turtles or giant groupers.

Macro diving

The fans of Macro dives and “muck dive” will not be left behind. Alor is the ideal place to admire tiny and rare animals. Among other things, there are many species of ghost fish, antennas, nudibranchs and shrimps. Also present in these waters, the blue rings octopus, the mimetic octopus and the mandarin fish are extremely popular for underwater photographers.