Review Diving Bahamas, From sharks to walls, blue holes, wrecks, drifts and liveaboards

by spotmydive

Marine life

Reef Shark
Tiger shark
Eagle ray

The Bahamas are the archipelago of God or at least from his angels!
What to say about this archipelago both mysterious and glamorous, how to describe such mythical scenery that even the big Hollywood productions are spinning classics like James Bond! Yet it was Christopher Columbus who discovered the Bahamas and took the initiative to call it “baja mar” low tide to thank Christ for not being lost in the big blue! This heavenly archipelago counts more than 700 islands but only twenty are inhabited. The mild tropical climate and warm waters make this destination a dream for divers and whatever your level is , there’s something to enjoy for everyone. Operational at ¾ of the year you will be attracted by its riches and perhaps even its mysteries because after all, the Bahamas are located in the Bermuda triangle area …

Diving trip to the Bahamas: where to dive?

The largest island is the Andros Archipelago: Long Island and Grand Bahama Island
This archipelago is home to many natural cavities underground and there is the Deans Blue hole a deep black hole to the underground volume listed. On the island of Andros all the islands have caves and courses of 200 meters under the ground, they will be a challenge for divers very experienced ! Stargate on the island of Andros is also a wonderful diving spot not to be missed!

Andros Island, Grand Bahama or the teeth of the sea

Feeding Sharks from your own hands and feeding live Shark Alley and Shark rodeo near Walkers Cay are the highlights. For kamikazes and thrill seekers it’s thrill guaranteed…

In Nassau on New Providence Island

The island of New Providence is not made for the pure player, but you can enjoy 5 stars Hotels to flambé your money or not… Apart from your royal casino you can stroll along the white sandy beaches and dive into the depths to get into the story and play the James Bond among the wrecks in an immense underwater chasm called Tongue of ocean. For fans, this place steeped in history allows you to explore underwater wonders, abandoned ships planes off New Providence. However, if you would like to search the thrill diving with sharks and especially on the side of New Providence is possible, Cays and along the outer reefs of the Abacos: the site of Tiger Beach is also wonderful !

A Little Bahamas Banks: The spiny lobster migration in November

These banks have been formed over millions of years and the sea level variations, The Bahama banks are carbonated platforms in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba, they form the main islands of Lucayes. To see the spiny lobster migration you will have to come in November.

Bimini Island : diving with dolphin Flipper

Bimini Island is the island of wild dolphins, affectionate and curious they will make you laugh and amuse you just to revive your child’s soul. Finally, off the coast of Bimini, the wreck of the Hesperus has become its own small ecosystem, huge loggerhead turtles and schoals of fishes have elected their place of residence.

When to go : best times ?

The best period runs from November to April : beware the rainy season of the Caribbean is not our autumn if you are in Europe !

Diving condition

Visibility : the water is translucent and the visibility in the seabed infinite, the climate in the Bahamas is tropical, bathing in the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, this area is regularly hit by tropical storms or hurricanes depending on the season: the hurricane season runs from August to October. Please inquire with your dive clubs on the spot according to the periods …

Strengh of currents : as in all places in the Antilles, the currents are of varying strength depending on your dive site see on site for more information

Difficulty : It all depends on your level, diving on drop offs, muck diving or also scuba diving are possible. This “eco-friendly” island is perfect for experienced divers or rookies explorers, the Bahamas is a paradise destination that will seduce kamikaze and idleness because everything is order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness!

Water temperature : between 22 and 29 degrees.

What to see in diving: snorkeling?

Fauna and flora

The Bahamian underwater fauna is drowning in its clear waters and particularly colorful reefs. Underwater some dive sites are broad-spectrum aquariums and very beautiful coral-covered drop offs are present to form a rainbow of beauty. These drop-offs are pierced with canyons, grottoes, tunnels and galleries forming fascinating mazes. Bahamians know how to take advantage of wrecks and sink, these carcasses is a way to provide an ideal habitat for endemic floral species that can grow and in turn provide protection for marine wildlife.

Obviously the most beautiful species of fish thrive in the crystal clear waters, you will be a spectator of a show with 1000 colors and you will meet the rays-eagles, classic rays or stingrays. And to complete your visit, there are porcupine fish, clownfish, barracudas, butterfly fish, angelfish, snappers, jacks, groupers, blue surgeons, glassfish and more if affinities … The dolphins will keep you company with sea stars, the “queen conch”, a typical Bahamian mollusk. I will not tell you about the beautiful tube sponges, a rainbow of hard corals and turtles, billfish and eagle rays on patrol with hammerhead sharks …
Located near the United States all conveniences are accessible, the archipelago is perfect for going on a snorkeling expedition and watching fish. For the curious come between late January and early February around Long Island and Andros to witness the breeding of groupers.