Review best Diving in Oman, best dive locations

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Marine life

Reef Shark
Manta ray
Sea Horse
Moray eel
Humpback whale

Formerly called the «Sutlanate of the sea», the Sultanate of Oman has more than 3000 kilometers of coast. This country which is surrounded by the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea, holds lots of wonderful treasures, and they are as many on Earth as underwater. From the sites of Bandar Khayran Reserve in Muscat to the one of Musandam, Lima Rock, you’ll be pleased by the beauty of the corals and the 900 marine species registered. Don’t’ hesitate to go the Aquarium dive site, in Daymaniyat.

Best time to go diving in Oman?

This Middle-East country has two climates: a Mediterranean climate that concerns the northern and eastern parts of the country whereas the southern and western parts have a tropical climate. There is still an arid climate in the middle of the country. You should know that strong monsoon showers often occur in the southern and western parts in August and September.

The best period to dive in the Sultanate of Oman is from October to April.

Scuba diving conditions

The water visibility is between 16 and 65 meters.

Currents are often very powerful, do not hesitate to ask dive centers in advance, in order to have optimum dive conditions.

Difficulty: The dive sites are accessible to all level divers, whether they are beginners or experienced divers.

The water temperature in the Sultanate of Oman is pretty high, since it goes from 75° to 88°F.

Liveaboards in Oman

Enjoy your dive stay in Oman by booking a diving cruise. To discover a wide choice of cruises, we invite you to visit the website of our partner liveaboard. You will have the chance to observe different species such as manta ray seahorse, dolphins or the humpback whale and many others. And discover throughout your cruise different diving spots, for some accessible only in cruise. You can book your next dive cruise in Oman by booking on liveaboard. You will be able thanks to our partner dive to the islands Daymaniyat being one of the very first marine reserve of Oman.

What to see while diving?

The Sultanate of Oman is an ideal destination for divers. Its numerous types of soft and hard corals, the 20 cetacean species and 900 fish species registered will offer you a wonderful experience. Notice that fishing and subaquatic hunting are strictly forbidden.

You’ll find there a great number of colorful nudibranchs.

You will also be able to observe moray eels. It is not rare for divers to bring some stuffs to feed them, but if you do so you should be careful in order to avoid their bites!

Besides, you have strong chances to meet with dolphins. Indeed, these curious specimen with its amused face is used to swim among divers’ boats.

During summer, you will be able to swim next to majestic Manta rays. This species that can reach two tons is the biggest kind of rays.

Finally, in the southern coasts, you will observe a lot of humpback whales that have decided to stay there once their migratory session is over.