Diving in Cyprus, Best Places to dive

by spotmydive

Marine life


Member of the European Union since 2004 because of its political and cultural proximity with other member states, the Republic of Cyprus is, however, an Asian island located in the Mediterranean Sea where the majority of its population speaks Greek, English and Turkish. It is a welcoming place for many communities belonging to various religions, which gives it a status of a country rich in diversity and very cosmopolitan.

This Country was hit hard by the economic crisis of 2008 but the beautiful island of Cyprus known as “the island of love” in Greek mythology, has rebounded thanks to its business sector tourist attraction that interests many visitors and vacationers throughout the year. Its landscapes and seascapes are of incomparable beauty and reveal their most beautiful colors in the glow of the sun.
Cyprus is also a place of significant historical events, military interventions and political changes that fuel its cultural heritage. You can see on the spot ancient castles, monasteries, mountain resorts or vast expanses of forest.

For a diving holiday, Cyprus can be considered as an ideal destination! Turquoise and clear waters, dive sites open to all levels, surprising wrecks that dominate the sandy bottoms, varied marine architecture. In truth, these are just a few of the many assets that count the island of love, that we could also rename the island of a thousand and one wonders …

Where can I go diving in Cyprus?

Cyprus is not a popular destination for its fauna and flora, but it remains a prime destination for its extraordinary wrecks and underwater architecture. We therefore propose you to immerse yourself in the warm and clear waters of this island.

Wreck of Zenobia

Dive around Zenobia, one of the world’s largest wrecks ever explored. Its dimensions are disproportionate: 178 meters long and 28 meters wide. The wreck is very well preserved. Sank in 1980, this ferry that carried a cargo of more than a hundred trucks is rather reserved for experienced divers. It lies 43 meters deep and attracts marine life in the cavernous bottoms of its gigantic metal structure. You can see octopus, crustaceans, trevallies, congers, groupers, barracuda and tuna. Green and loggerhead turtles are also regular visitors.
This dive site is a must for a diving holiday in Cyprus.

Amphorae Cave

Are you looking for uncommon and unusual explorations? It’s possible at Amphorae Cave! This dive site located about 12 meters deep will delight both novice and knowledgeable practitioners. The place is essentially built with amphorae from caves and cavities. The marine ecosystem is particularly colorful and composed of tropical fish. This is due to the island’s proximity to the Red Sea which is full of diverse animal species and rainbow-colored corals. Around the rock of Aphrodite, where the goddess of love was born, advanced divers can explore the site of Jubilee Shoals or further north: Devil’s Head: there, tunnels and caves are populated with moray eels, groupers , barracudas but also green turtles like around the wreck of Zenobia.

When to dive in Cyprus?

Plan your diving trip in Cyprus. The dive season, which is also the wettest, runs from March to November and is one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean. The waters are clear and calm all year long, which makes the immersion extremely pleasant for divers of all levels.

Diving conditions

Visibility is generally good and varies between 20 and 35 meters. Visibility will depend on weather conditions and seasons. In the off-season, winter storms create poor visibility.

The currents are almost non-existent in the region and allow rather calm diving outings.

Difficulty and level : In Cyprus, there is something for all levels: from beginner to experienced. Novices will enjoy the shallow waters of the coast where a rich fauna flows. The dives will be more interesting for the most qualified with surprising discoveries of wrecks.

The temperature of the water in Cyprus can be cool, around 16 ° C and around 27 ° C during hot weather.

What will you see when diving in Cyprus?

Pleasant temperatures, an impressive topography, turquoise waters, remains buried in the seabed … Here are good reasons to go to Cyprus to dive. Its marine biodiversity is less significant than that of some other destinations but it is nonetheless interesting for first discovery dives.
There are many shipwrecks and landscapes of great beauty. All this forms a charming and attractive setting for a diving holiday in Cyprus. All you have to do is pack up and enjoy!