Tobia Arba

by spotmydive

Geographic location

Country: Egypt
Region: Red Sea Governorate

GPS coordinates

Lat: 26.8366 Lng: 33.9914

Dive site

Marine life

Humphead wrasse
Moray eel

Diving conditions

Max Depth: 30m
Current: Pas d’infos
Visibility: Pas d’infos

When to go diving

From March to October

Best Night Dive in Safaga

During your diving trip to Safaga, you may have the chance to enjoy this great dive site. Tobia Arbaa also called the 7 pillars, will allow you to evolve in the middle of a maze of 7 large potatoes placed at about 12 meters deep. Beyond this original structure, you can observe many crabs, nudibranchs, napoleon, moray eels or stone fish.

The site is particularly suitable to get back in the saddle after a long time without going under water or to do a night dive in Safaga. The Safaga dive site is accessible to all levels of diving and is only about 30 minutes from Safaga. Probably one of best night dive site in Safaga.

Potato 1 : There is a small cave near 10 meters deep where the lionfish flying come to take a nap. Directly at the foot of the block, there are many scorpion fish and on the tip, 6 meters deep, you will probably find the largest moray eel Safaga taking a nap. Yes, this potato is a real dorm.

Potato 2: Its particular shape looks like an inverted cone. There is a large group of flying scorpionfish and octopus in the rocky boulders and, at a depth of about 6 meters, a small overcrowded cave of hundreds of glassfish.

Potato 3: At the foot of it, you will find many crocodile fish.

Potato 4: This potato is about 9 meters deep and consists of two large columns. Look at the foot of this potato to find stingrays, clown fish and even small turbos hidden in the sand.

Potato 5: Also consisting of two columns, this last potato is populated by multiple scorpion fish and spotted moray eels. It is around this one that loves to walk a big fish Napoleon.

Definitly a great dive in Egypt, a night dive on Tobia Arba will leave you with wonderful memories especially if it’s your first night dive. You have dive on Tobia Arbaa, feel free to rate the spot, leave a comment or add your photos to help the community of diver to get an idea on the spot.