Sophie Rickmers, deep wreck in Pulau Weh

by spotmydive

The wreck of the “Sophie Rickmers” is a 134 m long, coral-covered vessel in Pria Laot Bay. This huge freighter is a cargo steamship that was built in Germany in 1920. During the Second World War, the “Sopie Rickmers” was part of 5 ships that were seized by the Dutch on May 10, 1940 around Pulau Weh. It is these same Dutch who decide to sink the Sophie Rickmers the same day because they did not want the Germans to have it back. This amazing diving wreck nearly could have been part of the best diving wrecks.

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Sophie Rickmers, wreck conditions

  • Length: 134m
  • Width: 19m
  • Height: 0m
  • Nationality: Hollandais
  • Construction date:
  • Sinking year: 1940
  • Number of deaths: 0
  • Cause of sinking: Saborde
  • Ship Type: Cargo
  • Propulsion: Vapeur
  • Tonnage: 5400

Nowadays, this wonderful diving wreck of Pulau Weh is inhabited by groupers, moray eels and jacks. Many schools of fish are also around this wreck that is discovered in depth. The indication found on the site of the Pacific Zebrafish Angelfish fish that on the cross rarely scuba diving given its preference for deeper waters. Concerning the ship, its quay rests nearly 55 meters deep while its wheelhouse rises to 37 meters and its bridges to nearly 45 meters. Notice to experienced divers, you know where to go if you decide to dive in Pulau Weh.

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