Shark Point

by spotmydive

Geographic location

Country: Indonesia
Region: Nusa Tenggara Barat

GPS coordinates

Lat: -8.3567 Lng: 116.0264

Dive site

Marine life

Reef Shark

Diving conditions

Max Depth: 60m
Current: Low
Visibility: Excellent

When to go diving

From May to October

Dive with sharks in the Gili Islands

It is one of the most beautiful dive sites of the Gili Islands and one of the most popular because of its dense and varied fauna. Shark Point is suitable for all levels of divers since the diving spot can be divided into several different areas which over time have received different names. Starting from the island, you start with a gently sloping reef known as Andy’s reef. Up to about 10 meters deep, this is the best place to spot the famous green turtles. These magnificent and peaceful creatures can reach a size of about 1 meter. Continuing the reef up to 20 meters, there are all kinds of rocks where a large number of fish species are sheltered: angelfish, butterflyfish, trumpetfish or parrotfish. A few days before and after the full moon, one is also likely to encounter a school of Green humphead parrotfish that feeds on hard corals. In the deep section, the dive site allows to admire reef sharks, mainly white and black tips. There is an impressive variety of other species that operate on this dive site. The most emblematic are the trevally, the barracudas or the stingrays.