Seafan Forest

by spotmydive

Geographic location

Country: Myanmar
Region: Tanintharyi Region

GPS coordinates

Lat: 9.9446 Lng: 97.9234

Dive site

Marine life


Diving conditions

Max Depth: 40m
Current: Pas d’infos
Visibility: Pas d’infos

When to go diving

From Novemeber to March

Seafan foret if a large limestone pinacle rising from 50 to 8 meters, covered on one side by a forest of huge seafans and patches of sand where Leopard sharks like to lay and on the other side by purple soft coral.
We have seen Whales sharks regularily on Seafan forest last season and in particular groups of adolescents up to 4 at a time. One was particularily curious about us and our boat and kept circling around, which gave opportunity for great pictures.