Japanese Wreck Hayabusa Maru

by spotmydive

Geographic location

Country: Indonesia
Region: Nusa Tenggara Barat

GPS coordinates

Lat: -8.377 Lng: 116.0891


Length: 25m
Width: 6m
Height: 12m
Nationality: japonais
Construction date:
Sinking year: 1945
Number of deaths: 0
Cause of sinking:
Ship Type: Fregate
Propulsion: Vapeur
Tonnage: 0

Marine life


Diving conditions

Max Depth: 45m
Current: Pas d’infos
Visibility: Pas d’infos

When to go diving

From May to October

This dive site in the Gili is especially aimed at experienced divers because it is a decompression dive. This dive spot is ideal for an introduction to technical diving or for technical divers already certified. The Japanese Wreck was a Japanese WWII patrol boat. It rests straight at 45 meters deep on a sandy bottom. It is located in a protected bay off the coast of Lombok. The shipwreck is about 25 meters long and is covered with corals. A varied fauna has settled in and around the boat: platax, trevallies, barracudas, linden banks, flying scorpion or nudibranchs are commonly observed.