Apple Orchad

by spotmydive

Geographic location

Country: Indonesia
Region: Nusa Tenggara Timur

GPS coordinates

Lat: -8.7877 Lng: 119.7743

Dive site

Marine life

Manta ray

Diving conditions

Max Depth: m
Current: Pas d’infos
Visibility: Pas d’infos

When to go diving

From January to January

Dive site in Indonesia

This site is special for the filter-feeding sea Cucumbers, also called sea Apples .
This sea Cucumber is round and of a bright red and purple color with white or yellow stripes. They feed on plankton which they catch with their tentacles. The name cucumbers comes from the fact that in some parts of Asia, they are sometimes used as a base for soups. The living animal is dried in the sun or in ovens and the leathery skin becomes a sort of gelatinous substance. Yummy.

This dive site is supposed to have very cold water upwellings and the visibility is not always very good. Lots of plankton, so from what I heard you might have a change to Dive site in dive with manta ray and sometimes whalesharks here.