Scuba Hunt :  A Fun Adventure & Bragging Rights for Days

by Laura Wilkinson

Last week, four of us found ourselves free in the afternoon and we were lucky enough to sign up for the Scuba Hunt, located at Hemingway’s.  According to the promo material “Scuba hunt is the Western Hemisphere’s first and only dive challenge game-mashup of labyrinthe and scavenger hunt,”  so we were eager to try it out, and see if it lived up to the buzz going around about the new activity.

I’m a retired dive instructor, the both Fabian and Tony are current PADI instructors, and Diana, the other woman, is a Divemaster, so we assumed that this would be “a walk in the reef.’ (pun intended).

It turned out to be a really challenging, fun, and enjoyable way to spend the  afternoon, with the added benefit of bragging rights over a post-dive beer on the waterfront.  Here’s why:

The Staff

This is what really made it fun for us.  While obviously safety is a concern for any dive guide, these guys really made it fun.  We were in 2 teams so we each got our own guide, and they really got into the whole spirit of the competition too.  You could really tell that our guide, Mike, wanted us to kick the pants off our friends, Tony and Diana.  Even the captain got into the spirit, since we deployed as two competing teams.

Gear, Supplies & Toys

The other 3 group members brought all their gear, but I only had a mask & fins with me – so that gave me an opportunity to try out their rental gear, which I’m happy to report was new, and in good condition.

Each of us were given our own slate – with a set of instructions on how to play the game, a scrunchie with a pencil (which made writing easy)  a safety sausage, and each guide had their own slate, in case they needed to give us instructions, or in my case, tips.

The Game

Let me first start out by saying.  I didn’t win, but I’m not bitter about it!  The guides didn’t really explain every nuance of the game to us, but that was really part of the fun. 

Suffice to say we raced around a series of 90 maze-like blocks looking for markers, that instructed us to complete a task before moving onto the next segment of the game.

I didn’t really expect to see much in the form of marine life, but we did see a fairly large southern stingray, and a damsel fish had apparently chosen to make a nest quite close to one of my clues, and really got in my face about me being an uninvited guest.

There’s 4 different games, so while Fabian and I were racing around, we often caught a glimpse of Tony and Diana who were off on their own quest.  The boys engaged in some serious underwater hand signal trash talk, which at one point made me laugh and flooded my mask.   It was also nice since the 4 of us weren’t on top of each other.  Through it all, our guide remained a respectful distance away and really only gave us direction if we headed off in a totally different direction. 

Upon completion of our tasks, we got on the boat, and compiled our answers to open the combination of a locked box.  Diana opened hers immediately (and WON!)  I needed help, Tony needed a clue and Fabian never got his open.

The Aftermath

Once we got back to shore, and took advantage of the fresh water showers, it was the perfect oceanfront location to have a post-dive adult beverage and rehash the whole event.  We had a really good time hearing the other team’s side of the story, and of course there was a little bit of trash-talk

This is a one tank dive, a 2 minute boat ride with a maximum 70 minute dive, so it doesn’t take more than an afternoon, and tucks in nicely in the afternoon, post – lunch, pre – sunset time slot.  The Scuba Hunt team is super flexible with booking – they offer hourly departures until 4:30 pm and are happy to take last minute bookings.

Additionally, this isn’t an activity for a beginner diver, since you need to be comfortable with your dive skills, however it was a great way to enjoy a fun afternoon with friends, or even just another person. 

The staff was fun, yet still aware of our safety, and it was nice to have the boat right there in the event we needed it. 

It’s a great new addition to all of the watersport activities here in Cozumel.  Best of all, it’s totally ok for the day before flying since there’s a maximum depth of 19 feet.  If you’ve got a competitive spirit and a free afternoon, I’d highly recommend it.


  • $67 per diver for game
  • $13 per diver for rental gear
  • (Incl 16% tax)