Haliotis Faial Azores

by spotmydive

Geographic location

Country: Portugal
Region: Azores

GPS coordinates

Lat: 38.5318 Lng: -28.6303


Wifi: Yes
Shower: Yes
Air conditioning: No
Restaurant: No
Classroom: Yes
Shop: Yes
Locker: Yes
Swimming Pool: Yes
Parking: Yes
Bar: No
Shuttle Airport Free: Yes
Shuttle Airport Extra: Yes
Nitrox: Yes

All nine islands from the Azores are volcanic and located between 37° e 40° North and 25° e 31° West, being the most western part of the european continent in Flores Island. 244 780 persons live there 2008 data. It stays 1 815 km from Europe Portugal and 2 625 km from north-america Canadá. The islands of the archipelago were divided into three geographical groups: the Eastern Group, composed of Santa Maria and São Miguel, the Central Group includes the islands of Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial and the Western Group constituted by the islands Corvo and Flores.

The Azores has a maritime climate with mild temperatures ranging from 16 º C 60 º F in winter to 26 º C 79 º F in summer Sea temperatures are influenced by the Gulf Stream, and they too mild and between 14 º C and 22 º C in average. Faial island is the farmost ocidental island of the central group of islands in the Azores, separated from Pico island by a strait with the lenght of aproximately 4,5 nautical miles know as Faial channel. The island has the shape of an irregular pentagon beeing aproximately 21 km in length oriented east to west and arround 14 km width, making the island having an area of 172,43 km². Diving in Azores will give you great underwater adventures.