The submerged sculptures of Jason Decaires Taylor

by spotmydive

Born in 1974, Jason deCaires Taylor is an English sculptor passionate about scuba diving.

Art serving ocean protection

He decided to use his art to protect environment, to raise viewers awareness about the fragility of the reef and its ecosystem. His sculptures are made by using environmentally friendly materials moulding, are a dozen meters deep immersed. Perfect marriage between art and nature, this project has been launched to create an artificial reef, also relaying on natural phenomenons. Artworks are becoming supports for corals and shelter for the species. Indeed, the pieces appearance changes over time, overlayed by algae, shellfish and coral.

Largest underwater museum in the world

In May 2006, Jason created his first underwater sculptures museum in the Caribbean, on the island of Grenada in Moilinere bay. This park, with the masterpiece “vicissitudes” became a tribute to slaves who died during the voyage on slave ships. Masterful success with thousands of visitors, divers, snorkelers and visits aboard transparent shell boats.
In 2009, inauguration of Eerie in Manchones Reef, near Cancun, Mexico. With its 460 sculptures located in 4 diferent rooms, it is the largest underwater museum in the world. He shows us the evolution of the Maya civilization, with scenes of the daily life, men and women watching television, praying … The best way to admire the most famous of them, the Man of fire, the Flower of hope “silent Evolution” or “lost dreams of the collector,”, is to bring fins and snorkel or come in diving suit!

A new underwater museum in Lanzarote

Another museum, the first in Europe, will emerge : the Museo Atlántico on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Fifty life-size statues have already been dropped under water. Here, Jason de Caires Taylor was inspired by news and especially the crisis of migrants to create a heartbreaking piece of art “The Raft of Lampedusa.” 250 other statues will be added to those already there. If you got the chance to dive in Lanzarote, don’t miss this extraodinary spot.