The Odyssey, our Review and Rating

by spotmydive

The ODYSSEY, a Jerome Salle movie Anthony Zimmer and Largo Winch takes us into the story of one of the most illustrious French figures of the 20th century, the Commander Cousteau.

This biopic released 20 years after his death, the famous Cousteau under Lambert Wilson traits.

The Odyssey plunges us into the adventure of the visionary Commander Cousteau carrying his family in the conquest of his dreams. “It was 30 years ago, I discovered a new world. I wanted to explore it, share it, conquer it»…

The film is a succession of events retracing the life of this sulphurous character and his difficult relationship with Simone Audrey Tautou his wife, his son Philippe Pierre Niney and Jean-Michel. At spotmydive we do not pretend to write here a real film review but just our feelings.

First we must emphasize the remarkable acting of the entire cast. Pierre Niney in the skin of the reckless son is upsetting. It plays to perfection this son loving his father desperately seeking his attention all his life. Audrey Tautou as Simone, wife of Jacques Cousteau following the Calypso the boat and her husband in all their expeditions. All along the movie his physical transformation is impressive. We would have liked to know more about this second son, Jean-Michel, totally forgotten by his father and the script…

Jerome Salle’s film is not a wildlife documentary but a true romantic and poetic biopic. He managed to film the seabed without special effects almost brilliantly without staying in the contemplative.

Without revealing more, be sure that adventurers, ocean lovers and all dreamers will love this film. Trust us, you should see it!

Our rating 4/5