Subnautica, an underwater survival game

by spotmydive

Who never dreamed of living underwater, exploring the bottoms of the ocean or discovering new species without even leaving one’s chair. Welcome to Subnautica, new survival game available in early access on PC and Xbox One.

Subnautica, an underwater exploration game

Survivor of the crash of our mining ship “Aurora” on an exoplanet entirely covered with water, you have to find first the elements necessary to survive in this new environment. In a second time you will need to adapt and master the harsh conditions of wildlife and local flora of this planet. Your character will have to reap as many resources in the seabed to crafter new equipments that will allow you to go further in the adventure breathe longer, descend deeper … The right management of your health, hunger and of course oxygen will be essentials to survive.

An aquatic open world game

Subnautica is what is called an open world game which means you can swim wherever your fins and others submarines will bring you. In this new world, you will encounter many amazing species that inhabit the sea, some peaceful and of course some very hostile ones. Some enconters will leave you speechless thanks to a great art direction, some beatufil graphics and an immersive soundtrack. Finally the day / night cycle brings a real advantage to the game since the environment completely change, making you going from predator to prey.


To summarize, Subnautica is a great survival game in a gigantic open world. So yes, it is an alien planet, yes, creatures do not exist among us but whatever, the game is beautiful and original. For your record, the game is still in development and additional content is added frequently. Feel free to visit the official website.