Paris Dive Show Celebrates 20st Anniversary

by spotmydive

The most anticipated event in France for all sea lovers and scuba divers will be held from Friday the 12th to Monday the 15th og january, Porte de Versailles. This year, the 2018 Paris diving show will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, this 2018 edition promises to be particularly lively and is preparing you many surprises.

What is the Paris dive show?

Created in 1998, this international event, 100% dedicated to scuba diving introduce this confidential sport to the French audience. Thanks to the energy of its founder Hélène de Tayrac, the diving show has become, over the years, a place of exchange, sharing, discovery that has greatly expanded its audience from 10,000 visitors to the first edition to more than 58,000 people last year. The Paris diving show has strongly contributed to the democratization of diving in France surfing on a renewed interest from the general public, for the nature and its preservation. The diving show has also become a platform of choice for informing and debating environmental issues in conferences, documentary screenings and other photo exhibitions in the presence of world-renowned specialists such as Sandra Bessudo, Laurent Ballesta, François Sarano and many others. For theis great showcase be ready to meet more than 400 exhibitors including :

  • – Diving gears manufacturer
  • – Tour Operator
  • – Tourism office
  • – Dive Center
  • – Publishers and Magazines
  • – Resailer
  • – National and international federations
  • – Associations
  • – Artists and many others

The Paris diving show 2018, why MUST I go there?

1. Access will be free for 20-year-olds

This is a news that will delight young adults who will enjoy free access to discover the diving lounge. If you always dream about trying scuba diving, here is your chance, you can do a discover scuba diving for free with professionals!

2.Diving for free

Each year, more than 1000 people take advantage of the Paris diving show to spend their first diving in a swimming pool of 250m² heated to almost 30 °. Accompanied by diving instructors from the FFESSM’s Ile de France committee, you will be in optimal conditions to make your first bubbles and discover the sensation of breathing under water. Only prerequisite: to be over 8 years old. Everything is provided for your comfort and well-being: a cloakroom with individual cabin and even swimsuits and disposable towels available to visitors! This year, besides the traditional discover scuba diving this year you will have the possibility to try commercial diving suit.

3. Plan your travels

The Paris dive show will help you to get in touch with travel agents and diving professionals. Thank to their advices, you will have all the necessary elements to compose your next dive stay.

4. Meet passionate people from Dominica

The scuba diving world is full of passionate people. Be certain that you will meet during your stay, endearing people who will have many stories and experiences to share with you.

This year the island of Dominica will be at the diving show. Meet the tourism office and different dive centers at their Booth: B 25 and discover this incredible destination!

Dominica is a true diving paradise with beautiful reefs, walls, underwater hot springs and spectacular marine life. This destination still unknown for most of the divers deserves to be discovered. There is something for every divers, from beginners to experienced. You must know that if you are lucky, you a have chance to dive with a huge variety of sharks, sperm whales, dolphins and even whales!

© Office du Tourisme de La Dominique

5.Learn about new products

The diving shows are an opportunity for major equipment manufacturers to unveil their latest news: regulators, bcd, fins, dive computers, masks, accessories, everything goes. So expect to make during this fair, a large number of discoveries.

6. Buy diving equipment with great discount

The Paris Dive Show is also an opportunity to change your gears. We often find huge discount on brand new equipment.

7. Check your diving gears

You have an old regulator that you did not use for many years or you are diving hundreds of time this season? At the paris dive Show you can let your gearq for a free inspection.

8. Attend conferences

Each year, the Paris dive show honors talented photographers and videographers.

9. Win gifts

Numerous stands offer contests with draws. You can win the latest model regulator, a cruise or a trip to the islands.

Will we have any special surprises this year?

We can, from now on, reveal to you, in exclusivity, some of the surprises planned during this show:

  • – At the entrance, the equipment manufacturers prepared a fascinating retrospective on the evolution of the diving equipment from 1998 to 2018, by exposing their flagship products.
  • – You will vote to designate the most beautiful photo of the show declined for the occasion in 20 themes mid-air mid-water, man / animal encounters, wrecks, black and white, Mediterranean, etc.
  • – On the discovery side, Friday night, an exceptional night until 22h, will allow travel enthusiasts to discover the best food of all the exotic destinations represented.
  • – 2018 will be the 30th anniversary of the release in France of Luc Besson’s cult film, Le Grand Bleu. Surprise incoming, be ready.

Some questions remain unresolved as the name of the godfather or godmother for the show? What new experiences can we live in the diving pool? We will, of course, keep you informed of the latest sections of the program.