Abzu, dive into a magical aquatic adventure

by spotmydive

Have you always dreamed of going to the Red Sea and diving into the most beautiful diving spots of the world ? Sure, but you intensily fear water, you have asthma or your bank account is in the red …Well, good news, you can now, without putting your feet in water and avoiding overdraft explore the ocean depths.

Abzu is a new PS4 and PC video game developed by the studio Giant Squid, producer of the enchanting game “Journey”, and published by 505 Games. Abzu is an adventure and reflection video game where you play a character named “the swimmer”. You just have to pull on her full wetsuit that only shows her eyes, and go for an adventure. Interact with the wide range of sea creatures as dolphins, sharks, manta rays or swim like a mermaid to collect shells by going from one area to another. The main goal is to activate sensors and free marine species … You can also, while listening to the wonderful Austin Wintory’s soundtrack enjoy the sumptuous envionment and its inhabitants. The game alternates contemplative moments and active phases of swimming!

You got it, the aesthetic work of the game is very successful, but the lifetime is way too short, from 2 hours to 2 hous 30 to explore and collect all the rewards, and 1 hour 30 only if you do it straight … it’s a bit disappointing! Now it’s your turn to play …. or not!