Best Scuba Diving Website Blogs

by spotmydive

Internet, is just like the ocean, it is so immense that you can easily get lost. How can you find quality content on scuba diving, snorkeling, snorkeling, marine biology or diving trip? Among the many diving blogs that are available in large numbers on the net, some are now neglected or do not really bring any value or reliable information. The list that we have created here under, therefore, tries to list the active and regularly updated blogs that have dynamic pages on social networks as well as a modern aesthetic. The latter characteristic is mainly a matter of personal opinion. If you know of another blog that may interest divers, do not hesitate to share it in your comments with a small description of what we can find there.

Multi-language blogs


Created in 2016

Well, it is not congratulate ourselves but we actively looked for diving blogs truly international ad translated in different languages but we did not find any. Spotmydive, in addition to being a dive blog check by more than 50,000 divers per month, is also a website providing information about more than 15,000 dive sites. It also has an online diving booking platform with discounts all year round and offers a free diving logbook with pretty cool features such as statistics and word diving map.

The Scuba Diving Blog is very active and usually publishes 1 or 2 articles per day on different topics such as top 10, fun facts about underwater life, tips for divers, tests of new diving equipment and much more. The blog is very young and has only a small year in early 2017 but already attracts a large community of divers. Do not hesitate to consult the page Facebook page which gathers 70 000 likes after only 10 months. The diving website brings a bit of fun and freshness to the scuba diving world.

Scuba Diving

Created in 1996

This famous paper magazine also has an online website. Scuba Diving is one of the oldest blog. Always very sharp on the latest innovations in diving equipment, there are also many dive tips and advice to buy the right dive equipment. They compare different models but also good practices keep in mind during your scuba dive … There is a lot of content there, probably enough to spend a few hours on this and if you like it you might want to move on to the next step by buying the scuba diving magazine.


Created in 1999

Deeper Blue has one of the largest diver communities, but they also has great tips for freedivers and underwater hunters. Deeper Blue create up to date article about recent events, magnificent videos but also extensive files and infos. Finally, the site offers beautiful reports and a video section updated every week. I am confident that you will enjoy the wide range of articles available on their website.


Created in 2010

Definitely the largest diver blog and influential Facebook page about scuba diving, Scuba Diver Life was created by Nadia Aly in 2010. It seeks to establish itself as the number 1 information platform for English speaking divers. With a young and dynamic team, this blog write new articles every day on various themes: health, top 10, environment, apnea … Another asset of this blog and not the least is to try to educate divers about the marine environment.

Dive photo guide

Created in 2002

Dive Photo Guide is a website designed for underwater video lovers and photographers. It claims to have more than 50,000 members. There are many sections: tests in order to help you buy your underwater photography camera and box, tips to get started, techniques to become a great underwater photographer and much more. Each week, a photographer is picked up in order to present his pictures to the community. Finally, you can learn about upcoming international events. You have understood, if you are underwater photography lover, this dive blog is for you.

Simply Scuba

If you check carefully the different diving equipment tests and comparisons available on this scuba diving blog, you won’t be able to make the wrong choice anymore. They position themselves as the best scuba diving website to buy compare and choose your dive equipment. However, some completely staggered items attract curiosity and give a very nice “outside of the box” side to this site.

Dive In

Created in 1999

Built by Torben and Nicolai, this aesthetic diving blog’s objective is to advise divers of any level and every country about the practice of scuba diving. The website successfully bet on quality articles focusing on little-tackled issues. Moreover, the publications attract a large community and has a large number of comments.

Scuba Diver Girls

Created in 2009

When you first come across this dive blog, you are directly amazed by the beautiful video presenting Stephanie, freediver and scuba diver. This diving website, full of freshness aims to share the aquatic adventures of a group of passionate friends. Through their travels around the world, one discovers a sensation of plenitude and freedom. Their ever-correct articles about the amazing underwater world will amaze confirmed and beginner divers. For those who need a breath of fresh air from time to time, this site is a hit.

World Adventure Divers

Created in 2012

Florine is what a great traveler. She shares with us, through these very detailed narratives, the best ways to dive the world and advise you on the best cheap dive.